Web Marketing Live

About Web Marketing Live

Web Marketing Live is an  internet marketing service provider based in Miri, Sarawak.

We are currently focusing on helping small and medium sized business owners from Malaysia and Brunei to get online exposure their business & reaching more audience from all around the world. 

We believe that in this digital age and economy, every brick and mortar business should have at least a website to showcase their products and services. Khusairy also think that the cost of creating a good website should be affordable, because here at Web Marketing Live, we are inspired to help small and medium sized business owners to get their first exposure online and make it easy for them to be found.

We also have team members from India and USA to help with content creation and mobile app development if needed.


To help small and medium sized business owners achieve their success


Develop and maintain websites for small & medium sized business owners


To help 10,000 small business owners to have their first website before end of 2019

Khusairy Chen

Web Marketing Live is project led by Khusairy Chen with the help of multiple talented content creators, graphic designers and coders based in India and USA.

It all started because Khusairy Chen was having a hard time to find info about products or services in the towns and and cities that he visited during his road trips around his state, Sarawak.